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Detroit is a city where shamefully over sixty percent of our children live in poverty. My work on the frontlines as an educator in Detroit, where I have daily contact with single mothers and families that continuously get the short end of Detroit resources have convinced me that we must team up for One Detroit. Majority Detroit deserves much more that it is getting from those whose policies have only served to divide a city that must truly be One Detroit with resources that reach our neighborhoods and single female head of households.

We will no longer look the other way at our neighborhoods where unemployment data is not an alternate fact but a gruesome reality that exceeds forty percent and where human beings are held hostage behind bars of fear and economic injustice. Detroit deserves better.

We will do better under a Robinson administration that will not just cater to the rich seeking corporate welfare but will fight for community benefit agreements that make life better for all of Detroit not just apologists for the status quo.  I will fight wrongful water shutoffs to the poor and insane fee structuring for water runoff that could result in church shutdowns,” said Robinson who is also a minister.

The people of Detroit also deserve much more than a name without the education or work experience beyond elective office for their next mayor. I was born and raised in Detroit and prepared myself to serve by obtaining a quality education and real work experience to deliver for the people of Detroit,

This is possible,
Dr. Jeffery D. Robinson

Quality Schools

All areas of Detroit deserve quality schools, as mayor I will be a champion for our school demanding that Lansing provide an equitable educational environment for Detroit children.  I will work with teacher’s unions to assure that Detroit teachers are paid and respected as high quality educators.  I will also promote partnerships between city government, the business communities and the local unions to increase literacy and provide meaningful employment opportunities.


All neighborhoods deserve equal city services and I mayor I will work to improve and expand those services. Neighbors will become a safe haven for our youth providing structured activities by reopening many of the closed recreational centers and multiple employment and apprentice opportunities. We will work to eliminate blight and promote building affordable housing that respects the laws absent bid rigging and corruption.

Public Safety

Public safety will be my main priority in all areas of the city ensuring that adequate numbers of police, fire fighters, and EMS workers are on the streets and ready to respond in time of emergency.  Through partnerships with the school system and the local unions we will work to reduce crime across the city by providing job training, criminal record expungement, and literacy programs.  Community policing will a priority in being sure that laws and regulations are enforced in an environment that protects citizens as well as our police.